»  Sakthi Finance Ltd. was incorporated in the year 1955 as a Non-banking finance company [NBFC] initially towards catering the hire purchase financial requirements of the group's TELCO dealership units. This captive hire purchase business eventually transformed the company into a major player in this sector.The able leadership of the Group's visionary Chairman, Dr. N. Mahalingam together with the combined strength of the group in multifarious fields has helped Sakthi Finance Ltd. to become an edifice of mutual trust and faith among the public.

»  Today, Sakthi Finance is one of the leading non-banking finance company with over 49 branches in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka & Andhra Pradesh.

»  Sakthi Finance has positioned itself as a niche player by introducing refinancing for commercial vehicles and construction equipments. The company offers various financing schemes to cater to the funding requirements of commercial vehicle operators.




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