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SFL_BM_Outcome_Feb 2019
SFL_Recon_SA_XBRL_Dec 2018
SFL_Recon_SA_Dec 2018_Ack
SFL_Regl_7(3)_Sep 2018
SFL_Recon_SCA_Sep 2018 XBRL
SFL_Reconciliation_SCA_Sep 2018_Ack
SFL_Half yearly_Sep 2018_Ack
SFL_BSE_54(5)_Sep 2018
SFL_AGM Voting Results 2018
SFL-Scrutiniser Report-2018
SFL_BSE Outcome_AGM 2018
SFL_Inv Compl_June 2018
SFL_Recon_SCA_June 2018 XBRL
SFL_ReconSCA_June 2018
SFL_Outcome_BM_Aug 2018
SFL_BM_Outcome_30th may 2018
BSE Intimation reg B M
SFL Comp Cert under Regln 40(9) BSE
Reconcilliation of Sh. Cap Mar 2018
SFL Investor Complaints Mar 2018
SFL Regn 7(30 Mar 2018
SFL_BM_Outcome Mar2018
Financial Results as on 31st dec 2017
BM_Outcome_Feb 2018
SFL_Board_Meeting Intimation Feb2018
Reconcilliation of Sh. Cap_Covering Letter_BSE
SFL_Recon_Dec 2017
SFL_Inv_Gri_Dec 2017
SFL_Certificate from DT_Regln_52(5)
SFL_Outcome_Nov 2017
SFL_BM_Int_Nov 2017
Appointment of Nodal Officer for IEPF
SFL_Investor_Complaints Sep 2017
SFL_Reco_SCA Sep 2017
Sfl_Half Yearly_Com_Cer_Sep 2017
SFL_Regn_7(3) Sep 2017
Reconcilliation of Share Capital Audit_filed on 11.10.2017
Summary of Proceedings_60th AGM_25.09.17
PKN Appointment
SFL - Agm Intimation 2017
SFL_FResults Reg_33 Extract June 2017
SFL BSE Financial Results Aug 2017
Bse Outcome BM Aug 2017
SFL_BM_Intiimation 2017
Reconcilliation of Share Capital June 2017
SFL_Investor_Complaints Quarter Ended Jun2017
SFL_Investor_Complaints Quarter ended mar2017
outcome of Board Meeting May2017
BM Notice May 2017
Board meeting Unaudited financial result for the quarter and half ended 30.09.2016
outcome of board meeting 16.03.2017
BM_Intiimation_Mar 2017
Outcome of BM_9.2.2017
Half Yearly Communication to Debenture holders_30.09.16_14.11.16
Reconcilation of shares capital audit Dec 2016
sfl_sh_cap_audit_31st dec 2016
SFL_Investor comp Quarter ended dec 2016
utilisation of fund sep 2016
outcome of board meeting held on 14.11.2016
Regu 7(3) Sep 2016
Share Capital audit_30092016_final
Sfl_Investor Complaints_092016
Sfl_Hallf Yearly Certificate sep 2016_final
BSE Voting Result 2016
proceedings AGM 2016
Outcome of the board meeting held on 10.08.16
Notice of Board meeting to be held on 10th August 2016
Outcome of the board meeting held on 12.03.16
Announcement - Board meeting on 12.03.2016
Announcement - Board meeting on 17.05.2016
Outcome of the board meeting held on 12-feb-16
Listing Obligations and disclosure Requirements
Announcement - Board meeting on 12.02.2016
Announcement - Board Meeting on 14.11.2015
35 A Listing Agreement Voting result
Board meeting on 30.06.2015
Announcement - Board meeting on 14.11.2014
Results of E-Voting, Postal Ballot
Results of Postal Ballot Notice(E-Voting)
Announcement - Annual General Meeting
Announcement - Board meeting on 09.08.2014
Announcement - Board meeting on 17.05.2014
Results of Postal Ballot Notice
Announcement - Postal Ballot Notice
Announcement - Board meeting on 10.02.2014
Announcement - Board meeting on 26.10.2013
Announcement - Board meeting on 14.08.2013
Announcement - Board meeting on 16.05.2013
Announcement - Board meeting on 11.02.2013
Announcement - Board meeting on 08.11.2012
Annual Audited Financial Results - 31.3.2012